Minify CSS and JS files

Download minify files from below URL and save it inside minify folder Find following files from head tag in html

Replace with below code

Find following files from end of html

Replace with below code


Setup pop-up with any button or link

Below steps describe how to set pop-up with any link or button. Below example code is pop-up basic structure code just copy code and add it at the end of page.

Apply unique ID on pop-up block. Above code using id=”popup-unique-id”. Now copy below button link example where pop-up […]

Success page redirection on form submit

Please follow below steps to set success page redirection on form success submit. Open index.html and find you form code Apply attribute data-success-redirect=”y” on form tag with class=”form-widget”. Review example code below.

Than open js file => js/rgen.js <= file and find below code.

Set you success page […]

Form examples

Contact form example code in content area Below code is example of content area from which just copy and use it with your email address. Replace email address with your email address display in highlighted line of below code.

  Popup contact form example code Below is example code of pop up contact […]

Manual integration

R.Gen landing page include popular email marketing services integration with subscription forms. It is very easy to setup with landing pages subscription forms. All settings available in form-data/config.php file. Open config.php file and follow instructions below. Mail Chimp settings Open File =>  form-data/config.php Set => $STORE_MODE = “mailchimp”; and than set API key […]

Auto tabs

Below is code example of auto tabs.

Just copy above example code and add your content. No needs to apply any ID on tab content. Make sure tab list  and tab content element count same.    

Parallax background image

Below is example code of apply parallax background image on section

Parallax background image only work with transparent background section. Apply CSS class “bg-glass” to apply background color transparent. Apply data-parallax=”scroll” as display in above highlighted code line no.5 Apply image source in data-image-src=”images/bg.jpg”  You can also apply parallax […]

Understanding form structure

Basic HTML structure of core form

In above code class=”form-widget” is hook of javascript to activate form functions. Form dose not work without “form-widget” class Set receiver’s mail id in hidden field value as display in above code highlighted line no. 3. These settings also possible to set directly in formdata.php file […]