Link Navigation Item With Section

Please follow below steps to link navigation item with sections. For example, We connect team navigation link with team section.         Add team section and click on “Source” button. Add section ID and click on Save button. For example id=”team”  Go to navigation and click on “Source” […]

Configure latitude & longitude

Please follow below steps to configure map latitude & longitude. Find below code.

Add data-map-latitude=”-37.817136″ & data-map-longitude=”144.955652″ value according to requirememt.

Element Animation

Add animation by using builder option. Please follow below steps to add animation. Go to builder and select require section. Select “BUILDING MODE” as “Details”. Select element on which need to apply animation and click on it. Click on “Other” tab. Select require animation from “Animation” drop-down. Set delay time if require. Click on […]

Theme backup

R.Gen – OpenCart Modern Store Design introduce “Backup” functionality. “Backup” helps to take backup of full R.Gen Theme as well as selected or all require R.Gen Module settings.  Whenever to click on “Backup Now” button Backup-functionality generates the folder with given backup name, so it’s easy and quick to find […]

Sticky navigation

Please follow below steps to make sticky navigation. Go to “Admin : Extensions > Modules > R.GEN – OPENCART > Theme > Custom code” Click on “CSS INPUT”. Add given below CSS code in css input code area. Click on “JS INPUT”. Add given below JS code in JS input […]

Smooth scroll on page links

Please follow the below steps to set smooth scroll link on the same page. Go to index.html page. Find id=”page”. Add data-linkscroll=’y’ attribute. Add ID on any section where you would like to scroll a page.  For example, Add ID on “Portfolio section”. Add section ID in href=”#idname”. For example, add […]