Builder introduction

RGen Landing Page introduce highly featured Front-end editor for quickly manage and customize page design and content. There are lots of component which are helpful for customization and page management.




  1. Blocks collections : Select require blocks from the large collection.
  2. Elements : Helps to customize block HTML code.
  3. Content : Helps to edit block text content.
  4. Details : For detail customization for each element of the block
  5. R.Gen Utilities : Helps to manage page sections, SEO data, Email subscribe settings etc.
  6. Restore : Restore your backup file or ready to use landing page.
  7. Backup : Take backup of working file.
  8. Empty page : Delete all section from builder working space.
  9. Preview page : Check page preview
  10. Generate HTML : One click to generate your created landing page zip.
  11. Save changes : Click to save your work.


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