Code overview & Page structure

All pages developed based on bootstrap framework 3.xx. Below is overview of page structure.

Page meta information

Page body structure


All component

All component folder include all section code snippets to quickly use without builder. All file types are basic PHP to include header and footer section. Below is list of all category of components.

  1. Navigations
  2. Intro section
  3. Slider sections
  4. Feature sections
  5. Content sections
  6. Other custom sections
  7. Banners
  8. Products
  9. All form sections
  10. Client logo sections
  11. Call to action blocks
  12. Counter sections
  13. Portfolio sections
  14. Video sections
  15. Testimonial sections
  16. Team sections
  17. Price blocks
  18. Contact us sections
  19. Download sections
  20. Footer sections


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