Forms Structure

RGen Landing Page uses given form structure. It’s very easy to customize and easy to manage form fields.


Set Email Address

Set your email address on a hidden field in value=”” attribute on which you would like to get emails.


Set Email Address – Another Way

form-data/formdata.php file is the main file to sending mail of form data.

  • Go to form-data/formdata.php
  • Find below code line.

  • Example code to set email in php file directly


Page Redirection On Form Sucess

Please follow steps to enable page redirection on form success.

  • Go to form section.
  • Find below code line.

  • Apply attribute data-success-redirect=”y” as like above code line to activate page redirection on form success submits.
  • Now go to js/rgen.js and find below code and set your redirect page path.


Form Validation Attribute Settings

  • data-label=”Name” is used as a label in mail content.
  • required attribute make field mandatory.
  • data-msg=”Please enter name.” is validation message if the field is mandatory.
  • All validation settings find in js/rgen.js file.


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