Package content

  • All Components : All component folder include all individual category base section codes to quickly preview and copy code to use without HTML builder.
  • Builder_new : Highly featured Front-end javascript editor to quickly manage and customize page design and content.
  • Builder_old :  Older version of builder. [ NOTE : We recommended to use Builder_new  ]
  • Extra : There are some individual pages like thank you page, faq page etc. You can use according to your requirement.
  • Landing pages : Landing pages folder include all pre-define landing pages to quickly use.
  • PSD : PSD folder include some of basic PSD design files which are used to develop pre-define landing pages.

Basic requirement

  • PHP
  • Apache webserver (Windows servers will probably work, but are not supported)
  • An FTP tool to upload the files
  • To run locally it require XAMPP/WAMP/MAMP to create server environment

Pre-define landing page installation

  • Copy and upload all files and folders (css, images, form-data, js, lib, index.html) from desire pre-define landing pages for example : Landing-pages/agency-1 to your hosting server.
  • Once all files and folders uploaded than you can access your page via browser.


Upload whole directory name builder to your hosting and than access your URL path via browser.
For example:

NOTE : We strongly recommended to use builder on localhost instead of remote server for faster & better performance.

Builder Activation

Please follow below steps for builder activation process

  1. Open your builder url.
  2. Click on “Where can I find my builder token code?” link.
  3. Enter you “RGen Landing Page with Page Builder” item purchase code.
  4. Click on “Generate builder token” button. It generate builder token code. Copy builder token code.
  5. Again go to you builder url and paste bulider token code.
  6. Click on “Active Builder” button and builder is ready for use.



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